Black Baseball in Virginia: WOW!!

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Not an article just a blurb to see what you saw or see what you missed!!

It was a fantastic program.  Thank you Orange County African American Historical Society OCAAHS (sponsors); Darrell Howard (author); former ball players (amazing ); attendees (estimated between 75 and 100); Art Center of Orange (beautiful facilities); media (Orange Co. Review, Culpeper Stare Exponent and Ch. 19 CBS Newsplex).

Lots of talk of more like this….Stay tuned and if you have not become a member or shown your love and support for OCAAHS, maybe you should do that today. Check out their FB page by clicking on their name on the list of sponsors on the right site of this page.

Coverage of the event will be posted as it is received.

Upward and Onward!!

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