P&O: Day One of Journey South

I have a few observations coupled with a few ponderings: no conclusions yet.

On a good day- absent precipitation, health issues and reasonable temps- a group of this size might cover about 20 miles. There of course were other variables and we will talk about them later.

It has been theorized that the involuntary travelers left Montpelier pre-dawn as did I.  It was not a great day with constant drizzle throughout. I paid attention to my surroundings taking note as to what the ancestors may have seen as they left Montpelier and Orange County behind.

Did they wonder if where they were headed was like the mountains of Virginia?  Would they ever return?

Did they try to capture the view saving it in their mind’s eye for future solace?  It was spectacular even with the rain.

Did they attempt to leave a Hansel and Gretel like trail?

Were they allowed to talk?

When they met with the first big river, were they frightened? Could they swim?



Scene of the Maury River at Lexington, VA



Our folks were between the ages of 15 and 30, previously engaged as field-hands and of a hardy constitution. To our knowledge there were no young children or older adults, and none accustomed to the life of a house-servant. No doubt they were fed, but were they provided shelter at night?

Lots of ponderings!  Stay tuned for more photos of places encountered along the way.

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