Lynching in America….Lynching in Virginia

Don’t hide! Don’t turn your back because it is painful and shameful! If we ever hope to come together in a civilized and humanitarian society where we are safe and respected, we must stand and face the tiger. Denial and a head in the sand attitude just won’t do the trick.  neither will an admonition to get over it.  We, all of us,  must hear the truths and validate the victims, their families and the communities in which the murders took place.  It has scarred us all!

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the murder of young Charles Allie Thompson in Culpeper County, Virginia. In recognition of the tragic loss of his life without due process or protection under the law, we have organized two events.

Neither event is intended or designed to agitate, accuse or seek anything that may look like revenge.  Instead, the plan is to inform, remember and reflect with a long-term goal and creating for our community and all that live here a more civil and just home.

Are we not taught that we are our brother’s keeper? Is it not true that what I do to you comes back to me and either makes me richer or poorer for it?

The First Event: Monday, September 24…A screening of the documentary An Outrage about lynching in America.   Following the 33-minute film will be a panel discussion with the filmmakers and Dr. Amy Tillerson-Brown of Mary Baldwin College. 7 PM to 8:30 PM at the Culpeper Baptist Church Community room on West St. in Culpeper.   There is no admission fee and all details can be found on the poster here.

The Second Event: Saturday, November 17th…Remembrance and Reflection: The Allie Thompson Story at the Culpeper Baptist Church sanctuary hosted by Antioch Baptist Church and the Culpeper Baptist Church. The program is scheduled to begin at 2 PM and conclude at 4 PM with an informal gathering for conversation and light refreshments from 4 PM to 5 PM. Again no admission fee. More details to follow.

Please put both of these events on your calendar. Let us stand together to declare that “Hate Has No Home Here, ” no matter where “here” is.

Below is the current list of supporters who have offered their good names and good will. If you would like to add your name, please let me know.

Contact: or through this website

Supporters and Friends

History Quest , Zann Nelson, Friends of the Library, Wayland Blue Ridge Baptist Association, Antioch Baptist Church, Culpeper Baptist Church, Museum of Culpeper History, Culpeper NAACP #7058 (Culpeper, Madison & Rappahannock Counties), Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Program at Northeastern Law School, Boston U., Eugene Triplett, Laura Kebede

Allie Thompson’s Family:

Mrs. Lorraine Laye Nickens, Monica Nickens Sharpe, Macon & Barbara Nickens, Kathy Nickens, Aura Gardner, Otis & Delores Jordan, Alan Sharpe, Mrs. Kay Springwater, Mary Helen Thompson

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