Zanns Place: Mema and a Summer Adventure

I had a wonderful experience last Friday with my youngest granddaughter. While I am basking in the delight of the day and the memories are fresh in my mind, I wanted to share.

On her last birthday, I gave her a trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg.  Her birthday is in early November and it has taken eight months to bring the gift to fruition.  We finally came together on a date; it was to be last Wednesday with a sleepover the night before.

As fate would have it, the weather forecast for the Williamsburg area was looking more than just dicey: eighty percent chance of rain and a flash flood watch until 8 PM Wednesday night.  I was faced with what I thought was a no-win situation. Do I disappoint now and postpone the trip, or do I take her and get stranded somewhere in flooded waters after spending hours getting soaking wet. What to do?

After consulting her mom and the older sister, I decided to be upfront and asked her to not give up.  I advised her of the situation and told her that Friday was looking good.  The amazing child said, “OK.” We shared a delightful spend-the-night-with-Mema and had some fun as well on Wednesday.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to indoctrinate my own flesh and blood with an interest in history, I called a friend and got permission for a visit to a very old historic house.  We then headed back to Culpeper for a sandwich to go from Tom’s and off to Yowell Meadow Park for a picnic.  Topped off the afternoon with a walk around the trail identifying trees by their leaves and bark.

Friday continued to look good at least as far as the prediction of precipitation, but now I had a warning light on my car that was not to be messed with. No time to have it checked out. The only sound choice was to take the pickup truck despite its relentless thirst for gasoline!

We struck out on our journey early Friday morning and arrived at the Jamestown Settlement by 10:30 AM. We climbed aboard all three ships, walked the Native Village and explored the replicated Fort James. The next stop was Jamestown proper taking in Old Town at the site of the original fort and New Town.  It was blistering hot and the humidity had to be 125 percent.

In between the Old and New, we surrendered the desire to cram as much as possible into the day and paused for lunch. Despite what I said about the weather we sat at a picnic table outside watching the automobile ferry cross the James River.

By the time we walked through the fort and to the far end of New Town to see the “Angela” site, we were dragging. My nine-year-old granddaughter looked up at me and said, “Mema, I feel like a moist towelette.”  My spirits were lifted, and my energy renewed by her wit and attitude.

We made it back to the truck, stop to witness the artisan blow a blob of molten glass into a beautiful blue wine bottle and off we went to Colonial Williamsburg.

A carriage ride seemed the perfect answer to the weary travelers from Culpeper followed by a review of the Fife and Drum Corps. We could not depart without a photo in the stocks and the purchase of goodies for the family from the Wythe Candy store.

A very special day for the memory book!

School starts in Culpeper on Monday, Aug.13.  The two youngest girls (9 and 11) and I are off to DC today for one last summer adventure! 

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