Happy 4th of July to everyone: native citizens, naturalized citizens and those who will become American citizens on this day of the celebration of America’s Independence. I am hoping to pique a bit of interest, not at all too heady for a holiday, but let’s say enough to whet your whistle of thoughty contemplation.

The United States of America is a great idea!

Has this great idea come to fruition? Is it a done deal? I would suggest that though we have made progress we are not yet finished with this great idea.  It is still a great idea, but we have much work yet to be accomplished. It is a very exciting vision and a doable project. Anyone who thinks we are done does not fully understand the glory of the United States Constitution and that is its intended design to evolve with the changes that come with the natural progression of society while yes, adhering to the basic concepts. It is a magnificent document if not hampered and disabled by the personal agendas that are not well- reflective of not only our founding fathers but the principles of the America we want to be. As a country we have made some egregious mistakes, but we have options and one of those is to not repeat those errors through defensiveness, ignorance or some false idea of supremacy. We can learn from what did not work well and commit to an alternative attitude.  I am reminded of the often over used phrase: “The definition of insanity is continuing to do something the same old way and expecting different results.”

Think of America’s great idea as innovation, creativity, collaboration, and the celebration of new ideas regardless of where they originate. A bold nation that has the confidence to accept differences and demonstrates no fear of change.

As you celebrate this holiday, recognizing that independence was celebrated long before everyone in America enjoyed independence and freedom, think about those who have paid the fees (not cheap) and studied the material in order to pass the “civics “ exam to become a naturalized citizen.  For them, it is an extraordinary commitment.  See the link below and test yourself. You will note that these questions (the 10 most difficult) are offered here as multiple choice while those seeking citizenship must answer verbally without the advantage of multiple choice.

Could you pass the test to become a citizen of the United States of America?

Have fun and stay safe.

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